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You’ve Completed Rehab. Now What?

The thought of leaving rehab can be overwhelming. The "fog" is beginning to clear and you realize few, if any of your problems have gone away; divorce, CPS, legal issues, and homelessness, just to name a few ......

You may be wondering:
Where can I go and not feel judged?
How will I support myself emotionally, physically, and financially?
How will I cope with my guilt, regret, or hopelessness?
Will I ever feel whole and loved again?

If you’re serious about recovery, you should consider Recovery at Timber Trails. Our sober living residences; Dreamcatcher Tyler, Legacy House Mabank, and Stepping Stones Cedar Creek were created for the alcoholic and addict earnestly seeking recovery.

Most alcoholics and addicts think they are unique and that no one could possibly understand the depths of their despair. Each of our directors has experienced drug and alcohol addiction first-hand and have fully recovered. We know and understand recovery because we have walked in your shoes. We have worked the 12-Steps of Recovery, actively attend and participate in AA/NA meetings, communicate with a sponsor and work with recovering alcoholics and addicts. We have faced toxic relationships, divorce, CPS, legal issues, jail, and homelessness. We now live useful and purposeful lives and are genuinely happy.

Do yourself a favor and speak with one of our directors. Make a short-term commitment and see if your life doesn't improve. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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A men’s sober living residence in Tyler, TX.

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East Texas Best Sober Living

Recovery at Timber Trails provides a safe, affordable, and supportive environment with the peer support necessary for recovering alcoholics and addicts to achieve long term sobriety. Our goal is to have you leave Recovery at Timber Trails; Dreamcatcher, Legacy House, and Stepping Stones with the ability to be totally self-sufficient; emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially; and with the necessary skills for living independently,

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Stepping Stones Cedar Creek

A women’s sober living residence in Gun Barrel City, TX.

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Find Your Path to Recovery from Addiction

Leaving rehab, a halfway house, jail, or prison is an emotional experience. You've had time to reflect on your circumstances, the people you have hurt, and the consequences of your actions. Drugs and alcohol have taken a lot from you. Many addicts and alcoholics lose their jobs, their families, their dignity, and self-respect.
You likely feel alone in your struggle out of the dark places your addiction has taken you.


Recovery at Timber Trails offers a time-tested program of recovery. Our 12-Step program provides much needed structure, accountability, and peer support coupled with safe, comfortable and affordable accommodations.

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Legacy House

a men’s sober living residence in Mabank, TX.

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Rehab or Sober Living What's the Difference ?

Rehabs provide essential services in early sobriety. Most offer medical detox to ease withdrawal symptoms and medication assisted treatment (MAT) to manage anxiety, depression, mood stabilization and numerous other symptoms. At rehab you live in a protected environment, free from outside influences. You will participate in group therapy, one-on-one counseling and recreational activities. The average length of stay is varied and depends largely on your insurance benefits. Once your program is complete and you leave the protected environment of rehab, reality sets in very quickly.  Many recovering alcoholics and addicts find themselves with no place to live, no job, no money, a lot of problems and very little hope.

Recovery at Timber Trails Sober Living offers a time-tested program of recovery. Our 12 Step program provides structure, accountability and peer support; all essential elements for alcoholic's and addict's to achieve long term sobriety. We provide safe, comfortable and affordable accommodations. Our weekly fee covers general housing expenses; rent, utilities, internet, TV and meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Each residence maintains a well stocked pantry and refrigerator for all residents to enjoy, thus providing a substantial monthly  financial savings to our residents.

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Recovery From Addiction Is Not Easy. Getting Help Is.

1. Complete and Submit the online application

One of our directors will reach out to you promptly.

2. Schedule an in person or online interview

We like to visit with prospective residents to insure we are a good fit for them and they are a good fit for us. 

3. Tour our home and meet our residents

You will find our homes to be warm and inviting. Feel free to ask our residents to share their personal experience at Dreamcatcher, Legacy House or Stepping Stones.

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Get Clean. Get Sober.

Stay That Way with Recovery at Timber Trails.


When YOU are ready, put your dark past behind you and move toward a brighter future. Submit the online application to join us on the journey.


Schedule an appointment to meet William, Matthew, or Angela. We’ll give you a tour of the home and introduce you to our current residents.

Move In

Once we approve your application, we are ready to schedule your move-in date. We recommend you take a look at our Packing List to insure you bring only necessary items  


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